Oil boilers

Oil boilers have long been popular in our market, inter alia, for security reasons. Provide the same comfort heating and preparing hot water as gas boilers or solid fuels. Unfortunately, until recently, competitive priced heating oil, today is relatively expensive and additional costs related to the preparation of the boiler room (magazine of fuel-tank supplying fuel to the boiler. If the capacity of the tank does not exceed 1 m3, you can put it in the same room as the boiler. Oil route-installation of fuel from the tank to the boiler, bath-single skin tanks require additional zabezapieczenia splash of fuel-wymurowanej the so-called hot tubs in which the tank will be located). Fuel-fuel oil light is generally available even at service stations which reduces the monopoly provider of fuel and this is very positive.

Oil boiler rooms shall comply with the relevant requirements and installation-have a volume of not less than 8 m3, height and min. 2. 2 m. Modern oil boilers do not deviate from the parameters of gas appliances, are fully automated, maintenance-free and economical. However, you must always about require note-like car-fuel quality and preferably from one trusted provider. Select the type of boiler is oil as in the case of gas very diverse: From standing (single and dual), hanging single-purpose and with HOT WATER and condensing-considered to be the most spectacular sites.